Welcome to the Strong Takes Store

The 2016 election and 2015 NFL football season are the two most important events in the last 50 years of American history, easily. Show your enthusiasm for both by browsing my collecton of high-quality items that are fully guaranteed to get you laid. Proceeds from all apparel will go directly towards me doing more reckless things on the campaign trail that Im legally not allowed to put on a expense report for reimbursement, and also 10% of all profits will go to the CTE Center at Boston University (even though its my understanding there is no direct evidence that concussions are even real but I figure it cant hurt to let the "scientists" and "World renowned neurosurgeons" use money to "research" that so they can see for themselves)

And yes, since this is a place of business, tecchnically you have to have money to be viewing this web page. Dont just loiter around either scaring away my other wealthier customers. Either buy something or leave.

For those of you still here, sorry about all the rifraff- haha trying to keep this place tidy let me know if theres anything I can help you with. Now, I dont use the term "hero" lightly but if you purchase a product from me you pretty much basically qualify for USAA insurance. And just FYI if you're thinking about not buying anything- you know who else never bought anything from my store? Thats right, Hitler and look what happen to him.